NAMI Awards Dr. Ellen Berman ‘Exemplary Psychiatrist, 2015’

The National Association for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) has awarded Dr. Ellen Berman,  CCAF Founder and Director of Training, with a 2015 Exemplary Psychiatrist Award.  The clinical and training faculty at CCAF extend our warmest congratulations for this well deserved recognition.

The recipients of this award have demonstrated their commitment to work along with NAMI members for access to care, research, funding, and other NAMI priorities. As a Board Member of NAMI Pa., Main Line, Dr. Berman has worked to ensure that the NAMI perspective helps shape state and local services.

Recipients of this award also provide comprehensive treatment to individuals with serious mental illness, addressing medical, rehabilitative and social needs. These exemplary psychiatrists are educators who teach whole families about the effects of serious mental illness and how to meet its challenges.  Further, they work diligently to reduce the stigma of mental illness among the general public.

CCAF and The Department of Psychiatry at Penn are so fortunate to have this ‘exemplary’ family psychiatrist as our colleague, mentor and teacher.  

Congratulations, Ellen!

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